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Your Own games studio
Before the end of 2024
And open up
Many indie game developers suffer from the lack of competencies, which leads to failed projects, low income and burnout.

The Gamedev Club is a universal solution that covers your weaknesses with the strengths of other developers.
What is
Experienced mentors
Members across the globe
Combined earnings of our members in 2024
4 297 169
What makes the club work
  • Opportunity to gather a team or find a partner and open your own game studio

  • Developers, game designers, 2D and 3D artists - all in one place

  • Daily support from hundreds of success-motivated developers will make burnout impossible
Private Community
  • Each club mentor is an expert who has passed a strict selection process, with confirmed experience and monthly income

  • Mentors dive into your project and analyze in detail what works in it and what doesn’t

  • Our mentors closely monitor the industry and can assess how promising a particular niche is
  • Access to a database of gaming assets and ready-made game templates that will speed up the development of your projects

  • A complete roadmap for turning total noobs into skilled indie developers

  • Access to game engine and UA specialists
Who is the gamedev club for?
Gamedev Noobs
If you don't have a single completed project:
In the Gamedev Club you will release your first profitable game
Experienced Developers
If you have projects that bring
from $ 0 to $ 5,000:
In the Gamedev Club you will at least double your income
Games Studios
If you are the owner of a commercially successful studio
(more than $ 5,000/month):
In the Gamedev Club you will scale your business and enter new directions
What awaits you in the gamedev Club
There are thousands of gamedev courses on the internet, but only here you will learn how to make money with your games
  • By joining the club, you are guaranteed to receive advertising in 12 advertising networks worth from $100 to $600 for each of your games

  • Every month you will receive 3-5 ready game templates for games in popular genres, which you can use to create high-quality games in no time

  • At the Results of the Month you will learn about the most profitable niches at the moment
Quick Start
  • 462 members around the world with offline meetings in your city

  • Regular hackathons, where you gather a team, create a game under the guidance of a mentor in a few days, and release it

  • Access to game engine experts, database of freelancers and testers, job board and much more
The Level Up My Game program, where a mentor spends 3 months with you improves it to a state where it is profitable
The Gamedev Breakthrough program, where in 3 weeks you will learn game development from scratch, assemble a team and create a game in a popular genre
  • You choose which mentors to work with based on your interests

  • During regular game reviews and idea reviews with our mentors, they will help you build a development plan for your projects, as well as evaluate your ideas for future games
Support from Mentors
Bonuses for members
Game Templates
Full source code for games in trending genres
$2 400 per year
Service for Steam analytics
$200 per year
Installation tracking
$50 for 1000 downloads
Every month we select and purchase 3-5 game templates in promising niches for our members. Based on these sources, you can create a high-quality game in a popular genre in the shortest possible time and release it on Yandex Games or Google Play/App Store.
Games-Stats - Everything you need to analyze the gaming market on Steam in one place. Analysis of game marketing, statistics of tags on Steam, as well as a calendar of all releases on Steam.
AppsFlyer is a service for collecting and analyzing data about users of websites and applications. This is a marketing program for attribution - tracking the user journey across all platforms, channels and devices.
400+ Paid Assets
Collection of high-quality game assets
$1 000+
A whole library of high-quality assets for use in your games - only for the club members.
$ 600 Ad Budget
Advertising for EACH of your mobile games
It's simple - each member receives $100 to purchase advertising for each of their games on Google Play. If the advertising pays off, then you receive another $500 to purchase advertising in the USA.

The most important thing is that all your earnings go to you, we don’t claim anything!
Google Play и App Store Accounts
Can't create your own account? We got you covered
By joining the club you will have the opportunity to post your games on Google Play and the App Store.
If you are in Russia or Belarus, then all earnings from this account, as well as from advertising, you will receive in cryptocurrency. Isn't that cool?
The club's mentors will help you clearly identify the steps to success in your chosen direction
Browser Games
PC Games
Mobile Games
Console Games
IOS development
Android development
Development for other HTML5 platforms
Yandex Games
We have our own company for publishing HTML5 games
Development for Epic Games
Development for Steam
Development for Xbox
Development for PlayStation
Development for Nintendo Switch
26 mentors
7 mentors
3 mentors
1 mentor
Non-game mobile apps
  • More than half of newcomers get to first income within 6 months of joining the club
quick facts
  • Club members are located in 30+ different countries around the world
  • Many mentors entered the club as ordinary participants
  • On average, the club hosts a new event every 3 days
Results of our members
0₽ -> ₽10 000/month
Slava Fonderkin
$40 000 -> $260 000/month
Your game is missing here
Your first successful release in game development begins in the Gamedev Club
Dmitry Popov
$100 -> $667/month
Dmitry Savin
$0 -> $18 000/month
Vladislav and Daniil
$500 -> $27 198/month
Asha Avetisyan
$0 -> $4 210/month
Alexey Gorbatov
$1 600 -> $7 000/month
Matvey Nikonov
$2 000 -> $4 000/month
Anton Arkhipov
$10 -> $395/month
Vladislav Pasechnik
$14 000 -> $101 000/month
0₽ -> ₽103 000/month
в 2 раза
Gamedev Club has helped dozens of developers just like you create their own successful game studios.
  • Regular consultations with mentors

  • Access to a database of assets and game templates worth $3,000+

  • Up to $600 to advertise each of your games

  • Free participation in the Gamedev Breakthrough and Level Up My Game programs

  • Access to private chats with hundreds of developers

  • Personal manager

  • Private events almost every day

  • Opportunity to join together with a partner for the price of one

  • 100% refund guarantee for the first month

  • Fixed price forever
Join the club today to get:
Per month
Member reviews
“I came to gamedev after watching Evgeniy Grishakov’s video, so my main goals in the club were to get into interviews and the 5k+ chat. After joining the club, I made games on the advice of Evgeniy and other developers whom he interviewed - I did them quickly to feel out niche. Thanks to this, I learned how to quickly make MVP projects. I joined the club in December 2022 with an income of $1200-1400 per month from all 18 games. After that, I posted my most successful project, Merge Imposter, which brought in almost $2,000 of all time. "Thanks to my mentor, I am working on ideas for new projects. The analytics from Sensor Tower are also very helpful for me in finding niches."
“Communication with the mentor had an impact, according to the instructions we made the game and it took off) Of all the events, I liked participating in the game workshop, we are still working with that team on the game, in the process of the entire development of that project I am gaining new experience. The club as a whole gives a powerful motivation and help, they will always help if you ask)"
“From the moment I joined the club, I began to work even harder, to look at game development not just through my fingers, but as a real job. The club gave me motivation and psychological support, I always know that if there are any problems, the club is my support, where they will always help, advise, and find a solution. The game I made has no competitors on the site yet, I just realized that players might like it and published it. The main advice and idea is to just do something, and some game will definitely work. The mentor also advised me to add innaps to the game and told me what to do and how to do it, after which additional income appeared from the game.

I haven’t regretted for a minute that I joined the club, you can find a lot of useful information and valuable advice for yourself, the mentors not only give advice if necessary, but also motivate. And the care manager is like your right hand, you can count on help in any situation) The club is fire!”
“Joining the gamedev club allowed us to sort out the accumulated information, structure it and understand it. Based on this information, we held the first hackathon, successfully launched and moved forward with earnings, using the same strategy: “find a topic that will take off in a couple of weeks” We began to rivet a couple more products that were even more successful. We learned a lot of useful things regarding monetization from Slava Fonderkin, I bow to him, the calls are very useful, sometimes solutions to problems are found that raised the overall level of skill, we began to use new technologies and techniques."
“I continue to develop the supporting project. I am gradually moving towards hiring employees, I want to assemble a team. Income has increased multiple compared to last year, it’s not even worth counting)) And what happened last year - I joined the club) I think this is the decisive factor, influenced success"
Ryan Gabdrakhmanov
The club helped a lot, brought gamedev into my life))
The most important thing is a mentor, I was lucky with him) when a person can give feedback on the game, suggest how best to monetize from the height of his experience, plus you can also discuss game development topics with him and just have a nice conversation, that’s cool)
Plus a lot of different activities, information, acquaintances)
I found two partners in game development in two areas of games. Released 7 projects in 9 months (4 on Yandex Games, 3 on Google)
I took part in an investment competition, hackathon, concept analysis and other events) this all provides both useful information and experience) in general, soon it will be necessary to pay for the second year)
“Hi, I just want to say a huge thank you for our last Zoom meeting! It was really cool to learn how the guys work with the team, what tools they use when working in a team, and how candidates are screened when hiring!

Ivan, special respect! A very simple but detailed answer on how to select people for an outsource studio and how to work with them strongly resonates with my approach to working with people and that’s why maybe it suited me the most. It's really important that you shared practical examples with the guys. Also, special thanks to the girl Nastya, if I remember correctly, who hosted this entire event."
Dmitry and Artem
"After 9 years of commercial development, we decided to develop and release games on our own. We looked at the game development club and decided to give it a try. We joined Evgeniy’s group and literally 3 weeks later we already released our first project with good metrics. Now we are actively releasing new games, testing various niches.

We thank the club for quickly finding the necessary information, for networking (we found several partners), for various useful meetups and workshops."
“My first year at the club has passed)) I want to share my story of how it was.
It all started a year ago, with a search for how to structure all the information I had in my head about game development. I recently left the business that I had been building for the last 8 years (a network of quests in Belarus), but I already had firm confidence that after a short rest I would continue my movement in creating games, but in the digital sphere. and not in reality. But then Evgeny @Grishakof appeared on the horizon with a 12-week movement and suddenly decided to speed up all my plans, creating for me an action quest in reality and an incredible challenge for the whole year - to complete a whole year of tasks with daily reporting without missing a single day (or rather, a maximum of 1). and to all this add a monetary incentive of $1,700. they made a bet, so to speak. but at the same time they also gave me full access to the club (that’s a pretty good bonus and I thought it was right in my direction) and the challenge was accepted.)))
It's been an incredible year for me. I understand that I haven’t achieved great results, but now I know that it’s just a matter of time and I just need to move on and increase the pace.
This year I took part in all four hackathons of the club (and even managed to win the last one). I met and went through fire and development with cool guys at each of these hackathons, took part in many other activities of the club, and met a huge number of people thanks to the club. Well, the amount of knowledge that I received during this year at the club can never be compared with trying to figure everything out alone. Now I don’t need to do other urgent things for long, but I will definitely return to this unique community later)). Thanks to everyone with whom I had the opportunity to communicate this year. to the entire club team. And for this incredible annual challenge to Evgeny and Sergey personally."
“So, review. I’m very glad to join the club, it gave me self-confidence and determination - I’m no longer scattered. An environment of competent, active and mature indie developers. People who probably know that my goal is achievable. In the first weeks of participation in the club, I improved the concept of the game and for the first time I feel confident that I am moving in the right direction.”
“A month at the club and first thoughts.

About people. I was lucky, I fell into the hands of good guys: Evgeniy and Pavel are competent and calm mentors, Nastya is a very responsive and active manager/helper. Many thanks to them for not abandoning us in this abyss of chaos and uncertainty.

About the club. Does it make sense to join it? It does if you have zero experience in game development. Buy someone else's experience and time and speed up your work. Definitely useful.
Will you make money from this? This is absolutely not a fact; this business is clearly not cheap, it is quite complex and uncertain. But there is a big plus, an almost limitless audience (read limitless money) if you find that very idea.

Gamedev club is a good help in this difficult matter. I always advise buying expertise from experienced people, and this time is no exception.”
“Participation in the club motivates me to move, not to give up, and also various useful things: for example, yesterday I received contacts of developers and other specialists - it was useful) In fact, I earned money thanks to the club and mentors, so of course there are benefits. I picked something interesting in my opinion template, uploaded it and the game started)"
I started playing gamedev in August or September last year, I took a Unity course from Esentric Games, Ilya, the author of the course, is now a mentor at the club =) I met my partner Alexander at these courses, then I found out that he was in the club. I myself got into the club when Evgeniy had a BD and had a good offer =) At first I was in Sergei Arushanov’s group, he really helped me with fundamental knowledge of game development, but at that moment I thought that I needed to immediately make some kind of masterpiece that would take over the world and will bring a lot of money, but it takes a very long time for a beginner to make something cool and in most cases it is impossible to finish such a game. Having learned the lesson, now I think we need to make games a little smaller, but release as many games as quickly as possible, this way we will quickly understand what the market needs and what is trending now. Current mentors Svyatoslav and Maxim introduced us to just such a concept as trends, for which we thank them =). Alexander and I talked around the club and decided to try to do a project together, divided the responsibilities, found an idea and did it =) Current income ($745) is probably more the result of experiments and accumulated experience, we try to do everything and analyze what will work and what won’t and why . I hope to be able to make even more income in the future, we are just starting to accelerate =)
From the moment I joined the club, I started making games, and not just thinking about how to make them), and if a little more specifically, personally, this format keeps me on my toes and adds confidence that they will always help me figure out complex nuances. The mentor helps a lot: you can always ask Sergei again and get advice before doing something wrong)
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